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I am very passionate about teaching. The video below describes the main points of my teaching philosophy.

I am happy to share syllabi and ideas. Please email me if you are interested in any of my courses. I teach one course a semester in an alternation of African-American English,  Community Based Research Methods, and Language Attitudes in the spring. I direct WMSURE year round.

For my complete teaching history, see my CV, which is linked here: CharityHudley.CV.11.15.2015

In the spring of 2015, I am teaching:

Community Studies 351: Methods in Community-Based Research

to apply for the class, students must fill out the  application on the following page:

This course will survey a variety of community-based participatory research methods. Students will be guided through critical thinking about community issues and their involvement, while assessing the utility and relevance of research-based responses to those issues in partnership with a community organization or agency.

In the fall of 2015, I taught Language Attitudes:


This research seminar will examine language ideology and linguistic prejudice in the United States of America. We will emphasize language assessment in American schools and the educational ramifications of linguistic discrimination. Our approach will be hands-on, as students will be involved in research design and data analysis. Opportunities for continued research participation and internships related to the topic are available upon completion of the course.

to apply for the class, students must fill out the following application:


In the fall of 2015, I taught African-American English:


to apply for the class, students must fill out the following application:


This course will explore the linguistic and social features of English as spoken by African-Americans in the United States. We will examine ideas about the history and emergence of African-American English and explore the relationship of African-American English to Linguistic theory, Education praxis, American culture, and racial prejudice.
Students will participate in yearlong mentoring or  tutoring programs in the Williamsburg-James City County schools. In particular, we will combine the study of the language and culture of everyday life with the application of this knowledge to raising the reading levels of K-12 school children.

Throughout the course we will highlight ways that we can contribute to literacy research and explore what we can do to help with the day-to-day process of helping children learning to read right here in our own community.

To see a video from the class in the fall of 2010, click here.

In the summer of 2014, I will also teach independent studies.See my Student Research opportunities page for more information. For a description of the guidelines, click here: CharityHudley.IndependentStudy Syllabus.S2011.01.05.12.

Independent studies  give students opportunities to participate in ongoing research projects at the intersection of Africana Studies, education, English, linguistics, and community studies as listed at: Students will have an opportunity to work on one or all projects as determined by their interest, Prof. Charity Hudley, and their course of study.

In Fall of 2010, I taught:

English 406/Anthropology 413 Language in Society

Fulfills GER 3. 3 credits.  Prerequisites:  ANTH 204/ENGL 220 and one from ENGL 303, ENGL 307, or ANTH/ENGL 415, or consent of instructor.

A study of the place of language in society and of how our understanding of social structure, conflict, and change affect our understanding of the nature of language. The course will emphasize hands-on data gathering and quantitative analysis.

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