Invitation for New Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows!

I welcome Graduate Students and Postdoctoral fellows!

I particularly welcome students who are interested in the intersections of Education, Linguistics, and Black Studies. I have a special interest in students who have a desire to learn more about either PreK-12 and/or higher education. We have a UC-HBCU and a NSF REU grant, so students should be interested in learning about research and teaching at Minority Serving Institutions (UCSB is a Minority Serving Institution).

I am currently writing a book and several articles on language and culture in postsecondary contexts, with a focus on supporting the social and academic experiences of African-American students on university campuses. The book “Talking College” includes survey and interview materials. This book is a direct response to a request that my undergraduate advisor, the late Calvert Watkins made to me for such work in my junior year of college. He believed that a comprehensive examination of how African-American students lived and learned on college campuses would answer long-standing questions of the nature of both the linguistic idiolects of individuals in highly unique situations and also provide information on how to best support and empower the African-American academic speech community.

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