Presentations, Workshops, & Lectures

For a list of book related events, please see our author appearances page at:

I give a wide range of presentations, workshops, and lectures on topics including Language Variation, Language Attitudes, Multicultural Education, African-American Studies, Service Learning, and Community Engagement.

I have designed talks for colleges & universities, K-12 students and teachers, as well as for community organizations. For more information, including feedback on my workshops, see:

If you are interested in having me visit, please contact me at

Presentation topics include:

  • Language Variation and Reading Challenges in African-American Children
  • The African-American Experience in Independent Schools
  • Innovation in graduate curriculum
  • Service Learning in Linguistics and Education
  • High Impact Practices in Higher Education
  • Language Assessment of African-American and Southern Students
  • Culturally Conscious Instruction of Linguistically Diverse Students
  • Language Variation in The American South
  • African-American English
  • History of African-American English
  • Southern English
  • Understanding Racism in Schools and Communities

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